Horfield C continue strong start with edgy win over Thornbury (19/09/17)

Our first home match of the season and as the weather was fine I decided to drop myself and play tennis instead. However, I was there for the start and the end of the match so this report is a little disjointed. In the opening exchanges Matias went in hard from the start and it looked like he had a slight advantage. Rob was in a centre of the board exchange where multiple pieces were removed. Prakash had miscalculated his exchange and went a pawn down. The other games were all looking fairly even.

Two hours later (10 past 10) I returned to find three games still in progress. Mike was attacking his opponents well guarded King. Prakash was a piece down but chasing his opponents exposed King around the board with his queen and Tom had just had his rook forked against his King. However, It looked like 2 wins and a draw in favour of Thornbury. The match at that stage was drawn 1.5-1.5. Rob had managed to inflict a rare defeat on Andrew Borkowski. Bob had returned a solid draw, but Matias early aggression had come to nothing after the queens came off the board and Lynda turned the game around and come up with the victory. As the match continued, Mike’s attack forced an exchange of pieces and won his opponents queen at the expense of a rook and knight. His opponent offered the draw but under captains orders it was declined and with the added bonus of a passed pawn he was able to push forward and eventually forced the win. Tom had an interesting end game and despite being material down, managed to turn it around and forced a draw. Prakesh by this stage had also managed to reverse the status of his game and was now forcing the remaining pawn onto the eight rank. As he queened, his opponent resigned and so completed a remarkable turn around which seemed to coinside with the captains timely return! 4-2 was the final score. (N.Pollett)

(1) Mike Levene 1 – 0 Dave Dugdale

(2) Matias Perez Candelario 0 – 1 Lynda Smith

(3) Rob Attar 1 – 0 Andrew Borkowski

(4) RP Radford 0.5 – 0.5 David Vaughan

(5) Prakash Chatterjee 1 – 0 Mike Minshall

(6) Thomas Holmes 0.5 – 0.5 Chris Smith


NB: Horfield were black on boards 1, 3 and 5


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