Horfield D kick start season with fine win against Cabot B (03/10/17)

With two home players delayed by traffic (or ‘First’ Bus?) the match wasn’t firing on all cylinders until 7.45 ; but Cabot came straight at us with Alastairs on their top boards – a rarer sight than the quadruple fianchetto, I suggest. Drawmeister Jennings was first to finish but , board 3 aside , I don’t think we were ever losing on the remaining four. Alan played subtly for a victory from no great advantage. My own game went from ‘cat and mouse’ with provocative play by Black into a fine old melee. Had the opportunity been taken to exchange off my defensively crucial king’s bishop the game result might have been reversed. You know the feeling.

(1) A. Clarke 1 – 0 A. Drummond

(2) H. Milbank 1 – 0 A. Marston

(3) G. Strickland 0 – 1 R. Colis

(4) L. Abecassis 1 – 0 J. Conway

(5) P. Marks 1 – 0 M Roberts

(6) M. Jennings 0.5 – 0.5 A Tanner


NB: Horfield were black on boards 1, 3 and 5.


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