Dominant Horfield C head towards the top of Division 2 (10/10/17)


A rapidly deteriorating position forced an early resignation on Board 2, setting Horfield C on the road to a big win against Grendal

Horfield ‘C’ marches on with another fantastic result. Nigel played a modern defence, ignored his opponents king side aggression and opened up the queen side. His strong knight proved decisive and his opponent resigned rather than enduring a slow death.

Prakash, after a centre exchange where the queens were removed, had managed to isolate a pawn which his opponent was unable to defend. This proved decisive and the game was soon his.

Brent’s game was rather dull compared with his normal battles. He was in a slightly worse position after the opening but soon levelled up and a draw was agreed. Despite the 2.5-0.5 lead the match result was far from clear as going into the last 10 minutes all the remaining games were all in the balance.

Mike had a time advantage and forced his opponent to exchange his queen for rook and knight. Bob was in a real time scramble and almost blundered a rook. Tom was a knight down and under what looked like a winning attack by his opponent. However, Mike’s extra pawns proved decisive in an unstoppable march to victory.

The match was won but the hearts were still pounding on boards 4 and 6. Bob, who had a stronger position early on had slipped into an unclear complex end game but with very little time left managed to find the right moves to secure the win. Tom had exchanged queens to get out of trouble and was left with a pair or rooks against a knight and rook. His opponent had a number of past pawns that were marching down the board, but a rook for knight exchange proved decisive and the pawns were quickly moped up to give Horfield ‘C’ an impressive 5 1/2 – 1/2 victory.

(1) Alastair Gilbert 0 – 1 Mike Levene

(2) Richard Johnson 0 – 1 Nigel Pollett

Play through game

(3) Mark Furnevall 0.5 – 0.5 Brent Perrin

(4) Will Robinson 0 – 1 Bob Radford

(5) Patrick Flexman 0 – 1 Prakash Chatterjee

(6) Ken Moore 0 -1 Thomas Holmes


NB: Horfield were black on boards 2, 4 and 6


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