Plug pulled on Horfield D in Bath (11/10/17)

With five players assigned to one vehicle, plus two unusual pick-up points, it can be fairly said that this time our travel arrangements were better co-ordinated than our pieces.

Mike Jennings is exempted from this criticism and he was first to finish, in good style. Meanwhile in an overwhelming position Prakash carelessly touched a knight, thereby losing 2 tempi and then the game. Both Peter and I opened feebly, but this actually woke us up and we eventually brought the match score to 1.5/2.5 .

As Graham was taking terrible punishment from a Dimond Sicilian it came down to board 4 for the final result. With Kings exposed, both Queens racking up the miles and time getting shorter Lee, as the saying goes, made the last mistake.

(1) C. Walley 1 – 0 P. Chatterjee

(2) D. Allen 0.5 – 0.5 H. Milbank

(3) P. Dimond 1 – 0 G. Strickland

(4) A. Sage 1 – 0 L. Abecassis

(5) M. Farina 0 – 1 P. Marks

(6) S. Khan 0 – 1 M. Jennings


NB: Horfield were black on boards 1, 3 and 5.



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