Horfield C beat Cabot A to chase down Div 2 leaders (08/11/17)

There was just as much happening off the board as over the board in the away match at Cabot. It started off with a dispute about playing with increments. After consulting the rule book Cabot agreed to play with increments and the clocks were then all adjusted.

Then their board 3 player was asked to leave following a disagreement with the Landlady of the pub. Board orders were quickly changed and Tom was the unlucky one playing on board 6 who no longer had an opponent. 1-0 to Horfield.

Finally, the match got underway. Matias gained an early rook to knight advantage and then with a strong attack finished his match off quickly. Likewise, Mike also gained a quick advantage and managed to finish his opponent off with less than two hours played. With Horfield now 3-0 up it was down to the final three games to secure the half point needed for the win. Rob looked like he had the advantage early on but his opponent fought back and a draw was agreed. Bob’s game went the other way and Bob turned a difficult position around and also agreed a draw. Nigel lost ground in the opening and was soon under pressure. With less than five minutes left on his clock he stopped recording his moves to which his opponent paused the clocks and the rule book came out for the second time in the evening. Ten minutes later the game resumed with the recording of moves rule clarified (i.e you don’t have to record moves with less that 5 minutes left). Despite a valiant effort, Nigel’s end game was lost, but it did not matter as Horfield had already secured the points.

(1) Alex Rossiter 0 – 1 Mike Levene

(2) Tim Jones 0.5 – 0.5 Rob Attar

(3) Alastair Manston 0 – 1 Matias Candelario

(4) Neil Derrick 0.5 – 0.5 Bob Radford

(5) Richard Collis 1 – 0 Nigel Pollett

(6) DEFAULT 0 – 1 Tom Holmes


NB: Horfield were black on boards 2, 4 and 6



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