Horfield C lose top of table clash to South Bristol B (30/11/17)


On board 4, Captain Nigel Pollett spiced up things with the lovely Nxd5 and he went on to win a nice tactical struggle. Alas it was not enough to save his team from their first defeat of the season.

I have attached last nights result against South Bristol B and my game. Here is the write-up;

The wheels finally came off the bus last night for Horfield C in the top of the table clash against South Bristol B. MIke was offered a draw in his game after just 16 moves and decided to accept as his position was unclear. Rob was then offered a draw on board 2 which he declined because Bob was in difficulties on board 3 and whilst Prakash was winning, Nigel and Tom were scrambling for space in their games. Prakash had opened up strongly and was already putting a lot of pressure on his opponents King side and had weakened her pawn structure. He went on to chase the King around the board which ended in a mate. Bob position had gradually declined end eventually he had to concede the game. Nigel had found a knight sacrifice that opened up the centre and immediately won a bishop back. After this he was able to push his slight advantage home to claim the win. Horfield were 2.5-1.5 up but it wasn’t looking good on the two remaining games. Rob’s position was deteriorating and in hindsight he should have accepted the earlier draw. Tom, who had been defending against advanced pawns on the King side for most of the game, position had fallen apart and resigned just before getting mated. Rob’s opponent, who had advancing past pawns, forced a queen swap which ended the game in South Bristol’s favour 3.5-2.5. The result puts both teams level on points at the top of the division with Horfield C narrowly ahead in game wins.

(1) G. Harvey 0.5 – 0.5 Mike Levene

(2) Rich Garrett 1 – 0 Rob Attar

(3) Ian Bourne 1 – 0 Bob Radford

(4) Neville Senior 0 – 1 Nigel Pollett

Play through game

(5) Dorata Pacion 0 – 1 Prakash Chatterjee

(6) Dave Neagle 1 – 0 Thomas Holmes


NB: Horfield were black on boards 2, 4 and 6


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