Horfield D start 2018 with a solid win (09/01/18)

Horfield D kept up their 100% record in 2018, like Horfield B in the next room, with a good win over South Bristol C. South Bristol C were a player light which may or may not be connected with their local football team playing Manchester City at the Etihad. Whatever Man City and the D team ended up the winners.

Howard won quickly, Mohamed losing tempi in the opening. Then Peter lost and after a long uneven struggle so did Louis, Louis was material down and eventually Jason advantages in material and time won through. So two each and two games to go. Alan initially had the worst of it against Dorota. However Dorota could not find a way through and was increasingly falling behind on time. Alan now had a better position and in a rush at the end won a rook with Dorota practically out of time. Before this Mike was always in control against Oliver.

(1) Alan Clarke 1 – 0 Dorata Pacion

(2) Howard Milbank 1 – 0 Mohammed Hassan

(3) Louis Martin 0 – 1 Jason Blaxill

(4) Peter Marks 0 – 1 Rod Taylor

(5) Mike Jennings 1 – 0 Oliver Taylor

(6) Sam Turner 1 – 0 DEFAULT


NB: Horfield were black on boards 1, 3 and 5.


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