Clean sweep for Horfield C (22/01/18)


On board 5, Black blundered a piece after 16…Qxg2.  Can you see whites next move?

It was a clean sweep for Horfield ‘C’ who were taking on a Clevedon ‘B’ team that had narrowly beaten us at home. Prakash was the first to draw blood when is opponent overlooked a the direct threat of mate.

Bob had launched a very strong King side attack after the centre of the board became blocked off with pawns. He drove his king side pawns forward and with his queen and rook paired up on the h file, he broke through and struck the killer blow.

Christopher, who was a late replacement for Tom, got to the end game with a group of past pawns that proved unstoppable on their march to the 8th rank.

Nigel found a move that won him a bishop and then it was just a case of swapping off the remaining pieces to finish off the game. Brent was material down but managed to force his opponents King into the open and mated him in the centre of the board.

It was then just down to Rob who had been a pawn up for most of the game to complete the white wash. Late on, he manage to claim his opponents one remaining queen side pawn leaving Rob with a pair of past pawns. Once the queens were exchanged the game was all but over giving Horfield ‘C’ a memorable 6-0 victory.

(1) Paul Spiller 0 – 1 Rob Attar

(2) Chris Strong 0 – 1 Brent Perrin

(3) Matthew Wilson 0 – 1 Bob Radford

(4) Max Walker 0 – 1 Christopher Jones

(5) Stuart Iles 0 – 1 Nigel Pollett

Play through game

(6) Steve Roberts 0 – 1 Prakash Chatterjee


NB: Horfield were black on boards 1, 3 and 5


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