Horfield B and University battle to stalemate (13/02/18)


On Board 4, a lovely mating net in four settled the game in the University’s favour.

It’s half term and I suppose that could be the reason the Church decided to turn the heating off, forgetting we had a booking. I hadn’t realised we had become an event in the Winter Olympics. The temperature kept dropping, but the students seemed unperturbed – I guess they are used to freezing in their accommodation.

Last time out, we were a bit fortunate to come away with both points when the University player took a half rather than try to run our guy out of time. Could we be lucky again? We got off to a great start when Brent polished off a strong opponent on board 3. Peter took a draw on one. Meanwhile, Matias had reached a won minor piece ending. 2.5-0.5.

Looking good, except … I was playing complete rubbish on bottom board with a succession of poor moves, and then missing a win (as I discovered afterwards). In the end, I let my opponent reach mate on the board – he deserved it. My worst performance of a dismal season. 2.5-1.5.

Jon had been doing okay against Alice, but his kingside attack was only going to work if she nodded off, and in the cold that seemed unlikely. Once the f file opened, Jon walked into a mating net. Ouch. 2.5-2.5.

All then on Mike’s shoulders. His initiative had petered out and now his position looked decidedly dicey, with his pieces unable to find good squares. Bogdan looked like getting two rooks on the 7th and Mike’s bishop was very unhappy. Mike lobbed in a draw offer, rather hopefully, I thought – only to find it accepted!

A drawn match then, and it felt like we had been fortunate once again.

(1) Kirby, Peter J ½ – ½ Cleary, Mark

(2) Harris, Michael T  ½ – ½ Manghiuc, Bogdan A

(3) Perrin, Brent 1 – 0 Luc, Ethan

(4) Fisher, Jon 0 – 1 Lampard, Alice

(5) Candelario, Matias P 1 – 0 Vaughan, Alex

(6) Richards, John E 0 – 1 Tsilipakos, Leonidas


NB: Horfield were black on boards 1, 3 and 5


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