Narrow victory allows Horfield C to nick top spot in Division 2 (07/03/18)

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Desperate to stop the h pawn promoting, Black walked into a knight fork to seal the win for white on Board 2.

It was all to play for with Horfield ‘C’ just a single point behind South Bristol ‘B’ at the top of division 2.

Tom got the team off to the perfect start after opening up the centre and marching his past pawn down the board to victory. Mike, who was back from his travels, was the next to finish with a strong win on board 1. At 2 up it was looking good, however, Prakash missed an opportunity to get into a winning position and in an end game with a knight and rook against a queen was unable to push home his remaining pawns and the game was lost.

Bob, playing black, had launched a pawn attack on the King side which came to nothing, but in doing so, his rook became trapped. His opponent attacked on the queen side and with an active rook was able to push home the advantage and the game was his. So at 2 all everything was still to play for.

Rob was struggling in his game against his opponents strong centre 4 pawns. Nigel had gone a pawn up in an end game with just the 4 knights and lots of pawns left. He had chances but a draw was the most likely result. With his opponents time running out, Rob turned his game around and claimed the win after earlier on declining a draw. Nigel then offered a draw which was accepted to give Horfield ‘C’ a narrow 3.5-2.5 victory and a reverse of the result in the away fixture. This takes Horfield ‘C’ back to the top of the table with only 4 matches remaining.

(1) Mike Levene 1 – 0 Ian Bourne

(2) Rob Attar 1 – 0 G. A. Harvey

Play through game

(3) Bob Radford 0 – 1 Neville Senior

(4) Nigel Pollett 0.5 – 0.5 Dave Neagle

(5) Prakash Chatterjee 0 – 1 Mohammed Hassan

(6) Tom Holmes 1 – 0 Gareth Cullen


NB: Horfield were black on boards 1, 3 and 5


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