Horfield D move into third with win over Yate A

After our unanticipated Minor KO autumn victory at the washing machine factory I expected a much hotter program this time. In reality we were given an encouraging start by the late arrival of 2 home players and by half-time had the better of it overall : Mike’s unenviable position was at least balanced by Alan’s piece for pawn advantage and I much preferred our standings on boards 4 and 5 ; Graham and I appeared level. Come the final spin cycle Mike fought back well when Adrian faltered and I was pleased to make overdue intelligent use of the increments in a passed pawns and heavy pieces shoot-out.

(1) A. Clarke 1 – 0 A. Penn

(2) M. Jennings 0.5 – 0.5 A. Champion

(3) H. Millbank 1 – 0 J. Gardner

(4) P. Marks 0.5 – 0.5 A. Hewitt

(5) S.Turner 1 – 0 P. McAfee

(6) G. Strickland 0.5 – 0.5 K. Langmaid


NB: Horfield were black on board 2, 4 and 6


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