Tough night for Horfield D at the cricket club (20/03/18)

Would you rather forecast the weather or chess match results? Last week we convincingly beat a significantly higher-rated Yate A ; this week we’re outplayed by a theoretically weaker Downend E. And all credit to Downend : nothing fortuitous about their 3 wins, and top board Richard Palmer kept his equanimity in a tense, open struggle.

On the other two boards, I defended accurately against Jack’s slightly over-extended Sicilian invasion – forcing the decisive gain of knight for pawn ; James had his game well in hand throughout.

(1) Alan Clarke 0.5 – 0.5 Richard Palmer

(2) Mike Jennings 0 – 1 Grant Daly

(3) Howard Millbank 1 – 0 Jack Tye

(4) Peter Marks 0 – 1 Fedor Turetskiy

(5) Sam Turner 0 – 1 Tom Carter

(6) James Facey 1 – 0 Elmira Walker


NB: Horfield were black on boards 2,4 and 6


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