The Bristol Champions are back! (23/08/18)

Hello everyone!

Its been a long hot summer and now we are approaching the end of August the club is opening up again to start the defence of the Bristol Championship so beautifully won at the end of last year.

The opening night for the new season is Tuesday 28th August.  I believe some pre-season tactics will be discussed and the usual friendly blitz sessions.

The new fixture list has been published and this year we are proud to be running five teams in the Bristol & District League.  The newly christened E Team will no doubt we swimming low in the water, ready to shark the Division 4 title. Go for it E teamers!

Finally the website will be updating in the next week or so thanks to some new administrators in the form of John Richards, Mike Harris and Alex Dunn.  For those who don’t know I ave had a serious accident and am wheelchair bound for the foreseeable future as well as the impending doom of becoming a father again next week.  Im sure the website will be in capable hands whilst I continue my convalescence at home.

Good luck to all the Horfield “wood pushers” for the coming season.  I hope to be trying out my new repertoire by January.




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