Horfield A 5 Horfield B 1 – the losers’ verdict

Horfield A 5 – Horfield B 1

(1) D. Pugh (1-0) P. Kirby

(2) A. Easton (0-1) M. Harris

(3) M. Levene (1-0) J. Richards

(4) R. Attar (1-0) C. Jones

(5) P. Nendick (1-0) R. Pearce

(6) H. Atkinson (1-0) N. Pollett

Horfield A were white on even boards

A new season brings new challenges. For the B team, the challenge is to try to repeat last year’s success of finishing fourth and defeating top teams. However, we will have to attempt this without two of last season’s stalwarts: Brent Perrin and Jon Fisher. Brent has moved to Carlisle while Jon is juggling (not literally) having a new baby and recovering from a broken shoulder so will be absent for a few weeks. On the plus side, we have Roger back which is a very welcome boost.

It doesn’t get tougher, though, than starting off against the league champions, especially when you know them very well. The A’s have also lost a player, Aaron Guthrie, and Steve Dilleigh was off playing somewhere else, possibly Paignton, so if all went well we fancied our chances.

The captain should lead from the front, not lose in 24 moves in a pathetic way. Unfortunately, it was the latter, as I lost to Mike by gifting him a forcing sequence which ended in me giving up the exchange, and then … and then … dropping a piece the very next move. Chris was the next to succumb, having his edge ebb away, deciding he would need to play a neutral move and take a draw and then finding the only losing move in the position. 0-2.

Things were not promising on the bottom boards either. Both Roger and Nigel were a pawn down. Mike and Alex were trading blows, with Alex working his way down the kingside, but Mike countering in the centre. Peter and Derek looked fairly level to me, but I must admit I went to the pub.

A pint later, and things had not improved. Nigel and Derek had conceded, making it 0-4. A whitewash was looking very possible. Fortunately, Mike played the game of the night (as far as the B’s were concerned), and his queen, rook, and bishop forced their way towards Alex’s king. 1-4.

Roger was plugging away still, but Phil’s extra pawn was getting more powerful as it approached the eighth. Roger had to accept the inevitable.

It doesn’t get any better next week when we are away to Downend A. It’s like Man City, then Liverpool.

John Richards


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