Yate B are too strong for Horfield E

Horfield E V Yate B

Tuesday 18 September at the club.

Horfield E Yate B
James Facey 0 1 Kevin Langmaid
Graham Strickland 0.5 0.5 Dave Clarke
Loni Anderson 0 1 Lester Moon
Steve Best 1 0 Default
Total 1.5 2.5 Total

Yate’s fourth player was unable to play so poor Steve Best was left playing friendlies.  In fact the club was very well attended with about 10 people playing friendly chess upstairs and down!

So Horfield started one up.  Loni went a piece down and could not recover.  James was a couple of pawns down in a rook and pawn ending put the pawns were united and too difficult to stop.  So could Graham draw?  He had the best of it and was a pawn up but eventually all was swapped off leaving two kings, a draw.  So well done Yate D.



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