D’s put to the Sword by Powerful Cabot A

Outgunned across the piece by recently relegated Cabot A Horfield D were always struggling against an excellent Cabot. Cabot have picked up some new players this season and must be in with an excellent shout of going straight back up.

For Horfield James did very well to win. James played most of the game with the uncommon material advantage of two bishops and a rook for a queen and was able to mate his opponent in the middle of the board. Graham put up a sterling fight on board 4 but the rest of us came second.

Cabot A Horfield D
Lewis Turner(W) 1 0 Cy Russell
Juan Muscundno 0 1 James Facey
John Guiloyle 1 0 Tom holmes
John Knowles 1 0 Graham Strickland
Alastair Drummond 1 0 Alex Dunn
Alastair Marston 1 0 Loni Anderson
Total 5 1 Total

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