C’s take full advantage of defaulted boards

Horfield C 6 – Clifton B 0

P. Krzyzanowski 1 – 0 C. Beaumont (DEFAULT)

R. Attar 1 – 0 S. Jimenez

A. Wong 1 – 0 M. Furnevall

R. Radford 1 – 0 A. Muller

J. Fisher 1 – 0 T. Jankowski

P. Chatterjee 1 – 0 DEFAULT

Rob won a war of attrition against a die-hard Manuel Sierra Jiminez. Arturo made his debut with bullet like moves and after many early exchanges allowed an attack from Mark against his king. Arturo repelled this and finally won a virtuoso endgame which is a great strong point in his game.
I sacked a pawn to activate my pieces and improve the position which caused Anton problems – this caused him to go into a deep think in our game which proved costly as he ran down his clock in a difficult end game position.
Jon looked dead in the water when I last looked, with a Q+N and a few pawns against Q+B and plenty of pawns. However when I signed the sheet I saw Jon had won (see the dramatic finish on the Bristol Chess Times Youtube channel)
Prakash also had no opponent and won by default. He did manage to get in a friendly with a very useful new addition to the Clifton squad.
Bob Radford
*This put Horfield C second in the league! Sandwiched by the usual suspects of course…:
A decent start

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