Narrow C team loss rounds off nightmare week for Horfield

Downend B 4 – Horfield C 2

S Meek 0.5 – 0.5 P Krzyzanowski

M Brigden 0 – 1 R Radford

M White 0.5 – 0.5 J Fisher

C Hosdurga 1 – 0 N Pollett

A Munn 1- 0 P Chatterjee

I Pickup 1 – 0 DEFAULT


Horfield ‘C’ were forced to start with a default on board 6 after not being able to find a 6th player that was available to play. Nigel had agreed to play Downend’s junior but was surprised when it was Chirag who he played last year at North Bristol. Chirag played the same 4 pawn attack again and despite Nigel’s attempt to open up the white king side with a bishop sacrifice, Chirag played very precisely and was soon in control. Due to the speed in which he was moving, the game was over before most of the other games had reached the middle game.

Prakash was next to fall. A promising open game could have gone either way, but Andrew gained the momentum with a passed centre pawn and then went a rook and pawns up going into the end game. Despite being very low on time, this advantage and time increments were enough to see him home. So already 3 down it was down to the top boards to save the day. Patryk’s game involved around a struggle to advance his passed centre pawn. Going into an end game with just pawns and queens left, he gave up his centre pawn in an attempt to try and fork his opponents king and queen. This did not work but there was nowhere for the King to hide and after numerous checks, a draw was agreed. Jon played out a battling defensive draw but by then the match was already lost.

Bob had been attacking his opponents king side with a knight, bishop and queen for most of the game. His opponent had the open column and was starting to attack Bobs King when his strong knight made a couple of checks and opened up the line to allow Bobs queen to get to the back rank to force the win to make the match score a respectable but disappointing 4-2 win for Downend ‘B’.


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