Downend B turn the tables on the A team

A frustrating second loss in 8 days for the champions – who just about remain at the top of the table but having played more games than others. Will it be a wide-open season from here on in or is it just a bump in the road?

Here is Downend’s (Trumpton-themed) match report.

Downend B 3.5 – Horfield A 2.5

  1. S Meek 1 – 0 D Pugh
  2. M Brigden 1 – 0 A Easton
  3. C Hosdurga 0 – 1 P Nendick
  4. M White 0.5 – 0.5 S Dilleigh
  5. I Pickup 0 – 1 M Levene
  6. A Munn 1 – 0 H Atkinson

Horfield were white on odd boards


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