C team run the A’s close

Horfield C 2.5 – Horfield A 3.5

The C team host a new player and his win almost propels them to an astronomic upset…

R Attar 0 – 1 D Pugh

R Radford 0 – 1 S Dilleigh

J Fisher 0.5 – 0.5 M Levene

P Chatterjee 0 – 1 P Nendick

N Pollett 1 – 0 H Atkinson

P Zielinski 1 – 0 J Facey

Prakash went a piece down against Phil and struggled to regain parity. Piotr played a Polish opening and managed to create a game winning fork that James had over looked. Jon had a very level game against Mike in which neither found a clear opportunity to take the initiative. Bob made a few tactical mistakes in the opening against Steve and then struggled after going a piece down. Rob reached the end game a pawn down against Derek and couldn’t find a way to stop the pawn advance. Nigel had the advantage early on and eventually found a way to break through and force the win. This gave Horfield ‘A’ a narrow 3.5-2.5 win in the local derby.


So no cigar this time either – Division 1 is starting to look more normal again!



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