A rough night out at Rosa’s

Clifton A 4 – Horfield B 2

(1) James Cobb (219) 1-0 Patryk Krzyzanowski (197)

(2) Dom Goodwin (204) 0.5-0.5 Paul Helbig (183)

(3) Gareth Morris (186) 1-0 Peter Kirby (181)

(4) John Curtis (186) 1-0 Mike Harris (185)

(5) Duncan Grossett (164) 0-1 John Richards (171)

(6) David Collier (170) 0.5-0.5 Roger Pearce (150)

Horfield B were white on odd boards

I thought Clifton A was fairly predictable. It would be Cobb, Morris, Curtis, then Collier and Grossett in some order, plus AN Other. I didn’t reckon with them bringing in another 200+ player on board 2. So, we suddenly had an uphill task.

This will be a short report – I didn’t see much of the other games. I was too busy indulging in that rare thing, a victory for me. Somehow an Advance French turned into a crushing drive through on the queen-side.

Next to me, Mike had a torrid time. Roger, on the other side, was a pawn down but managed to create sufficient open lines that David bailed out with a perpetual.

But the match was lost on the top boards. Paul should be chuffed with his draw against the newcomer. Peter was disappointed with his game, failing to find a plan. And I’m afraid I didn’t see how Patryk got on against the IM.

We take on our C team next. Heaven help us!

John Richards


2 Replies to “A rough night out at Rosa’s”

  1. The headline score suggested a win but unfortunately my joy was short lived.
    Keep going Bs: I’m sure it will come good soon.


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