Horfield E hold the University C Team

Horfield E 2  The University of Bristol C 2

Horfield E almost pulled off a remarkable win.  But it was not to be, but a draw was a very creditable result.  The match was played in the office on the ground floor, not ideal as there was some noise from the people in the hall, but more convenient for the kitchen and the toilets, however a six board match would be a squeeze.  After the first half an hour or so things looked bleak.  Mary was a piece up against Jonny and the rest of the games were looking reasonably level.

At my next visit things had declined further Mike was a pawn down and Graham’s position looked level with all the pieces and nearly all the pawns still on the park.  Jonny had decided to start thinking now he was losing and Mary’s queen was marching up the board.  Jonny’s rooks were working together but Mary’s were not, but her knight was well placed.  Jonny’s cunning plan allowed him to squewer Mary’s advanced king against an undefended rook and win it.

Jaspal now was able to trap Joseph’s bishop and with that after a long deliberation resigned.

So Mary and Joseph were unable to deliver.   That is as good as it got as Mike was two pawns down and lost and Graham who played well to get a winning position unfortunately lost on time.

Horfield E University of Bristol C
Jaspal Patil 1 0 Joseph Soares
Mike Jennings 0 1 Jovin Halim
Graham Strickland 0 1 Aaron Kelly
Jonathan Zeng 1 0 Mary Huong
Total 2 2 Total






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