C team humbled by Downend

c team match
It looks bad… but we had chances – honest!

An under strength ‘C’ team took on a full strength Downend ‘A’ and up until 9:30 the match was evenly balanced. Nigel was the first to fall. There were no obvious mistakes, he was just out classed. Howard and Tom were playing up from the ‘D’ team and both played solid games to achieve the teams only positive results when they both agreed draws in their respective games. Prakash fought his way into a winning position but it was complicated and he was unable to come up with the killer move. Unfortunately, the game then slowly slipped away from him and Downend took a 3-1 lead. The top 2 games were still in progress and there was still a chance. However, Jon’s position was not as strong as his opponents who marched his king down the board protecting a past pawn whilst the remaining queens and knight were locked in battle. This proved enough for a Downend win and it was then down to Richard to show that his knight and pawn advantage was enough to finish off Patryk attempt to get something out of the end game. Despite a good fight, Horfield ‘C’ still went down 1-5.


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