Horfield E win at Hanham

Hanham B 1 Horfield E 3

On a nippy night Horfield E proved too strong for Hanham B.  The game was played without increments unusually, 90 minutes each on the clock.   The battle of the Mikes turned Jennings way when Costello lost a bishop.  Next Alex was also given a bishop and won too.  This was not the end of the evenings generosity as Jaspil gave up his queen.  So we were waiting for Piotr in a knight and six pawns each ending.  The knights departed and Piotr’s central king and three to two pawn majority on the queenside allowed him to deflect Tim’s king to one edge of the board to grab the lone a pawn whilst he devoured the pawns on the opposite flank.  So with one tough match to come in this half of the season the E team are on 50%.

Hanham B Horfield E
Matthew Howells 1 0 Jaspal Patil
Tim Rabone 0 1 Piotr Zielinski
Mike Costello 0 1 Mike Jennings
Adrian Wisla 0 1 Alex Dunn
Total 1 3 Total






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