C’s come agonisingly close again

Horfield C 2.5 – University A 3.5

P. Krzyzanowski 1 – 0 M. Campana

R. Attar 0 – 1 A. Vaughn

R. Radford 0.5 – 0.5 D. Fradkin

J. Fisher 0.5 – 0.5 A. Eftime

N. Pollett 0.5 – 0.5 B. Mogford

P. Chatterjee 0 – 1 O. Ormond

We came up against the University ‘A’ team last night in a bottom of the table relegation battle clash. Jon was the first to finish agreeing a draw after just 14 moves. Prakash got into a strong position against his opponent but then missed a fork and went a rook down from which he never recovered. Bob agreed a draw in a very even position. Patryk came up with the goods again winning a tough battle on the top board. With the match level it was then down to Rob and Nigel to finish off their games. Nigel had miscalculated an exchange and was a couple of pawns down. He marched his King down the board and his opponent then made an error and gifted Nigel with a Bishop. With the clock down to 30 seconds Nigel opted for a move that secured a draw rather than risking the unclear winning moves. Rob had a pair or rooks against a queen but was also short on time. Under┬ápressure and with an exposed King he fell to a check that won a rook and the game and match was quickly over leaving the University ‘A’ team victorious 2.5-3.5.


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