B’s falter against struggling Clifton B

Horfield B 2.5 – Clifton B 3.5

(1) Peter Kirby (181) 0-1 Chris Beaumont (208)

(2) Mike Harris (185) 0-1 Manuel Sierra Jiminez (176)

(3) Paul Helbig (183) 1-0 John Waterfield (174)

(4) John Richards (171) 0.5-0.5 Anton Muller (141)

(5) Rob Attar (177) 1-0 Mark Dirnhuber (156)

(6) Louis Martin (129) 0-1 Peter Bradshaw (-)

Horfield B were black on odd boards

Confidence was high for a result from this match having won our last two. We were missing Dom, but Clifton were also missing a Dom (Goodwin), so the two 200 plus Doms cancelled each other out. Surely we could get a result against a team that had lost 6 of its 7 matches.

Sierra Jiminez is a hard man to play. He likes double-edged positions and if he hasn’t got one he will usually manage to conjure one up. Sure enough, Mike soon found himself in a game where you couldn’t be sure who was attacking who. I didn’t see the end, but it won’t have been pleasant. 0-1.

Meanwhile. I had got an edge against Anton. The only danger was letting his queen in for a perpetual, but that was okay as long as I kept g5 covered. The problem was I forgot and left it unguarded. Doh! A chance missed. 0.5-1.5.

Louis (in his first game of the season) was doing okay, but Rob was struggling a pawn down. I thought we might get a win and a loss from these two and we did, but the other way round: Rob somehow managed to force a win with lots of mate threats, but Louis came unstuck. 1.5-2.5.

Fortunately, Paul had been grinding through a rook and pawns ending and was now a pawn up and winning. There should have been some way to go, but John W found a means of shortening the game by falling for a mate in one. 2.5-2.5.

All eyes then on top board, where Peter had been slogging it out with Chris. Chris’s passed pawns forced a gain of material and it came down to Peter’s knight and h pawn trying to hold off a bishop, knight and g pawn. Peter had to cede the knight for the pawn, so it came down to the classic bishop and knight trying to mate the king. No one will know whether it took longer than 50 moves (the players didn’t feel it did – quite) but Chris got there in the end. Surprisingly, it was the first time he had had that ending in a real game. 2.5-3.5.

Congratulations to Clifton B. We will lick our wounds and come back fighting in the New Year.

John Richards


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