Christmas Blitz won by Peter Kirby

It was the Blitz Chess and Curry festive event at Horfield C.C., a chance for all teams to reflect on the triumphs and troubles of the season so far and enjoy one last chance for personal glory in the great leveller that is blitz chess.

In an ironic twist, we have one photo of perhaps not the most scintillating game – it finished with a pulse-racing shuffling back and forth and a shrug of a handshake as both players realised a repetition was looming:

Steve vs Nigel1
No way through for anything – well done to Nigel for holding A-teamer Steve “10 tournaments a year” Dilleigh with Black

Other players near the top also lost and shared points, leaving Peter to storm through to a point lead on 3/3. He played Steve in the final round and even had he lost, would have taken it on progressive scores anyway. But he was up to the challenge and held the draw.

Well done to all, a great evenings Blitz

Wishing everyone a blitz-free break, and may you return full of chess zen and somehow win Horfield a trophy this season!



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