C team give front-runners Bath a scare

Bath A 4 – Horfield C 2

D Buckley 1 – 0 P Krzyzanowski

R Phillips 1 – 0 R Radford

A Musson 0 – 1 J Fisher

H Bogdan 0.5 – 0.5 N Pollett

A Gregory 1 – L Martin

A Dimond 0.5 – 0.5 M Jennings

We came close to pulling off a result but it didn’t start too well. Patryk made a blunder on move 5 and then spent the rest of his time trying to find a way back into the match. He eventually lost as did Bob who was playing on board 2 against a very strong opponent. Nigel drew his match on board 4 in an uneventful game.  Mike on board 6 had a knight for 3 pawns but was unable to exchange off the remaining queens and rooks which could have given him an advantage. In the end he agreed a draw leaving him still unbeaten in div 1. Louis looked like he was going to pull off an amazing win with only 10 seconds on his clock, but his opponent found the right moves to defend against the mate threats and the game was lost. Jon turned a terrible position into a winning one when his opponent in time trouble queened with a check over looking a rook move to block the check and in turn open up a discovered check that instantly won back the new queen. Jon then made an invalid move when his opponent only had 10 seconds left. But the extra 2 minutes given away did not stop Jon and he went on to win the game.  We lost 4-2 but the result was still better than expected.


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