Horfield E scrape win against Harambee

Horfield E 2 1/2  Harambee 1 1/2

Jonny did well and polished off Kwame quite quickly and Graham was well up against Simba.  Mike thankfully was taking the heat from Lloyd somebody has to do it, and we are grateful.  Alex had a pawn from the opening.

So all panned out as expected Horfield 2 Harambee 1, all on Alex and Noel.  Alex now a rook for a bishop and pawn up.  But with four active knoghts and plenty of targets in was hard work for both players.  Eventually Noel accepted Alex’s second offer of a draw and Alex, who was behind on time, was very grateful.

Harambee are doing well this season, standing second, but they struggle for players on a Tuesday, which is unfortuanate, as Tuesday seems to be the default night now for chess in Bristol.  Horfield face league leaders Clevedon on Monday 4 February in Clevedon next.

Horfield E Harambee
Mike Jennings 0 1 Lloyd Beckford
Alex Dunn 1/2 1/2 Noel Hendricks
Graham Strickland 1 0 Simba Foluke
Jonathan Zeng 1 0 Kwame Benin
Total 2 1/2 2 Total






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