C team can’t stop Clifton dream team

Clifton A 4.5 – Horfield C 1.5

J Cobb 1 – 0 P Krzyzanowski

G Morris 1 – 0 R Attar

J Curtis 1 – 0 R Radford

D Collier 0.5 – 0.5 N Pollett

D Grossett 1 – 0 P Chatterjee

I Doklestic 0 – 1 P Zielinski


It was Clifton ‘A’s fist match at their new location. Very comfortable premises compared with their previous location. Despite being out graded by 20+ points on every board the team put up a strong fight. By 9pm all games few fairly even and could have gone either way. In the end it came down to small margins. Clifton either had a very small positional advantage or were a pawn up on four of the boards. Prakash, who had a stronger position earlier on in the game was the first to fall being unable to stop a past pawn from advancing. Losses by Bob and Patryk soon followed. Nigel played a solid game and offered a draw, which was accepted, going into an end game with a slightly worst position but with his opponent down on the clock. Rob was trying to hang on with a Knight and Rook against a Queen and a pawn on the seventh rank but as there was no hope of stopping other pawns from advancing, he resigned. Piotr was the star of the evening. Coming it as a late replacement, he had a fantastic game which he won going into an end game with a Queen against a pair of Rooks. Overall it was a very good performance but unfortunately still no points to get out of the relegation zone.


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