Clevedon C Beaten by the E’s

Clevedon C 1 1/2 Horfield E 2 1/2

Played 4 February 2019

Horfield E arrived with a full team on time, which is not always easy at Clevedon.  A number of players were unavailable as it was Monday so we we were down to the last available four.

Clevedon had another match and as Clevedon do not have 10 clocks that do increments were were playing 90 minutes for all moves.  I asked for quick clarification of the 2 minute rule but we decided not to bother to explain it!

Geoff and I battled away and I had no idea what was happening in the other matches when Peter asked if he should accept a draw.  He played on.  We were not winning on any of the boards.  Eventually Pete won as his opponent cracked and then Louis agreed a draw.  So we just needed one more point.  Graham was behind on time but the position was locked up and David accepted Graham’s offer of a draw.  I think Geoff was not best pleased as after the draw was agreed he was asked what the match score was.  So I needed draw.  I made a move and offered one.  My game had swung towards me and I had four central pawns in a square (almost honest) and a very active knight and queen threatening his Geoff’s king, I has ahead on time, and Geoff accepted.

Clevedon C Horfield E
Steve Roberts 1/2 1/2 Louis Martin
Christi Manouvel
0 1 Peter Marks
Geoff Dring
1/2 1/2 Alex Dunn
David Wilson
1/2 1/2 Graham Strickland
Total 1 1/2 2  1/2 Total

So we are only 5! points behind Clevedon with two games in hand.



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