Three quick draws – then B’s crumble

Horfield B 1.5  – Downend A 4.5

(1) Paul Helbig (184) 0-1 Oscar Garcia (198)

(2) Peter Kirby (179) 0.5-0.5 Nigel Hosken (186)

(3) John Richards (167) 0.5-0.5 Andrew Cooper (177)

(4) Roger Pearce (138) 0-1 Michael Meadows (167)

(5) Bob Radford (152) 0-1 Andrew Munn (159)

(6) Prakash Chatterjee (137) 0.5-0.5 Ian Pickup (158)

Horfield B were black on odd boards

Two regulars unavailable gave us a hill to climb and outgraded on every board, but it all started promisingly with quick draws on boards 3 and 6, with no more than 24 moves between them. Peter also drew, but was kicking himself for chances missed in a rook and pawns ending. 1.5-1.5

The remaining boards were looking less promising. Paul was being pushed backwards slowly but inexorably in the centre. Bob’s position was looking rocky as Andrew’s rooks smashed their way down the a file. Roger, meanwhile, was two pawns down and trying to fend off a strongly supported passed d pawn. A miracle was needed. I went to the pub where they were showing Liverpool v Bayern Munich. Blimey, it made chess look like an exciting spectator sport (and it finished 0-0).

Back at the ranch, things hadn’t improved much but it looked like Bob was defending well. Unfortunately, he then fell for a knight fork. 1.5-2.5.

Roger’s inevitable resignation came soon after and sealed the match for Downend. Paul was now playing for personal pride. He gave up his queen for two rooks, but Oscar’s queen proved the more lively. 1.5-4.5.

John Richards


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