‘It’s a tough game’ – B’s lose to Clifton A

Horfield B 2½  – Clifton A 3½

(1) Mike Harris (175) 0-1 Andrew Muir (218)

(2) Patryk Krzyzanowski (197) 1-0 Gareth Morris (186)

(3) Peter Kirby (181) ½-½ John Curtis (186)

(4) Dominic Tunks (203) ½-½ David Collier (170)

(5) John Richards (167) 0-1 Duncan Grossett (164)

(6) Nigel Pollett (145) ½-½ Igor Doklestic (165)

Horfield B were black on odd boards

Our board order might have looked strange but there was a logic to it. I try to order according to form, and Dominic has not been scoring well in league games, winning 1 of his 6, so dropped down the list. Mike was keener than Patryk to play James Cobb, and has been getting good results, so got the top slot. What we didn’t know was that it was Mrs Cobb’s birthday, so Clifton replaced the IM with another IM (oh, the luxury!).

It was close, but I have to say that the captain let the side down. Duncan played a strange move order (1 e4 c5 2 Nc3 Nc6 3 Bb5) and I played 3…g6 without considering the position properly. 3…Nd4 would have been a more challenging response. It had been a tough day, and the game drifted from okay to worse. I could have resigned earlier.

On the other boards we did okay. Nigel got a good draw and Patryk (last to finish) forced his a pawn home for a win. Mike’s preparation was out of the window and he got ground down.

We are still not totally safe from relegation. Our last three matches are all difficult ones (Downend B – seemingly our bogey team; the resurgent Clifton B; and league leaders Bath A). If we get nothing at all from those fixtures then, in order to finish level with us, University A has to win 4 of its last 6 matches. On their form so far, they won’t do it, but it’s not over till it’s over.

John Richards


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