C team fall to Downend

Downend A 5 – Horfield C 1

N Hosken 1 – 0 P Krzyzanowski

R Savory 1 – 0 B Radford

M Brigden 0 – 1 J Fisher

D Contorno 1 – 0 N Pollett

A Munn 1 – 0 T Holmes

I Pickup 1 – 0 P Marks

Following last weeks win against University, Horfield ‘C’ went to Downend to try and pick up some game points in an attempt to avoid finishing bottom of division 1. We had brought in two players from the ‘D’ team, Tom and Peter, who both played well but like the rest of the team, were both out graded and out classed by the opposition. The only positive was a fantastic game by Jon who after taking some family time off from chess came back (in his own words) to play the best game of his season. This gave Horfield our only game point even though Patryk on top board came close to getting a draw.


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