Extra Extra – C’s topple A’s!

(In lieu of an A-team match report, we will simply say congratulations to Clifton A for probably winning the league – and to Bath A for possibly staging a comeback but if not then a solid 2nd place. Either way we fall some way short this year)

Horfield C 4 – Horfield A 2

D Pugh 0 – 1 P Krzyzanowski

S Dilleigh 0 – 1 M Candelario

P Nendick 1 – 0 R Attar

M Levene = N Pollett

H Atkinson = R Radford

M Jennings 0 – 1 J Johnson

The ‘C’ team were strengthened for their match against the ‘A’ team with Matias playing his second game of the season and Jody playing his first. Bob was suffering from a Chess Infection (in his own words) and was not in a good way but still managed a quick draw against Harvey before quickly heading home to bed. Nigel swapped pieces off against Mike and then in a position where Mike looked to have a slight edge, agreed a draw. Jody played a very good game on 6 and won against Mike Jennings playing his 5th division 1 game this season. So with 3 games remaining the C team were already 2-1 up. The remaining 3 games went right to the wire. Rob against Phil was the first to finish. Phil had connected rooks on an open file attacking the king side and once his queen broke through and started mopping up Rob’s pawns the game was soon conceded making it 2-2. Matias had played very well against Steve and ended up with a Rook plus extra pawns to Bishop advantage in the end game. His advancing past pawn could not be stopped and the game was soon over. Patryk had been under a little pressure early on from Derek’s King side attack but it was well defended and Patryk then turned the open space into his own advantage, doubling up his rooks and then breaking through with his pawns. Derek had all but run out of time and reluctantly had to concede the game and the match which ended up 2-4 in favour of the ‘C’ team who are still fighting hard to avoid last place in the division.


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