B Team lose to Bath A

Horfield B 1.5-4.5 Bath A

1.P. Krzyzanowski 0-1 FM R.Phillips, 2.M.Perez Candelario 1-0 .Day, 2.S.Dilleigh 0-1 A.Musson, 4.J.Richards 0.5-0.5 A.Gregory, 5.R.Attar 0-1, PFlores 6. R.P.Radford 0-1 A.Cayonlu.

The Bath team arrived minus David Buckley which is a boost for any opposition team. However even without David Bath played strongly right down though the team. Roy made use of his spacial advantage and managed to make headway against Patryk’s castled king. Eventually Roy added enough pressure to force resignation or lose material.

Matias, found a away to win a pawn and go into a double Rook and B v N endgame. Tom managed to get his pawn back and create his own passed f pawn but Matias had his pawn on the 7th rank.Tom tried to skewer the king so as to win the pawn when it queened. Matias had prepared for this and intervened with his rook leaving black lost. So Tom resigned with only rook against queen and rook.

Steve was holding his position quite well until he dropped a pawn and Adam traded down to gain a position of two connected pawns on his kingside which was impossible for Steve to stop one of them being promoted without losing his Rook. Steve just had enough time to resign before losing on time.

John had a decent position but explained after that he made a wrong move with a minor piece instead of his other one, which totally equalised for Andrew. With no meaningful play for either player in a drawn position Andrew accepted John’s offer of a draw.

Rob had got himself into a problem having to exchange Bishop and Knight for Rook and pawn on f2. However, he gradually outplayed Patrick and got a long drawn out game which resulted in Rob unwisely turned down two perpetual checks in pursuit of the win fell but into a neat trick which ended with Rob resigning .

I was playing against someone I had never met or heard of before for the first time and pushed a pawn I should not have and quickly allowed Arda to penetrate my queenside winning either a rook or Bishop. I opted to let Arda have the rook and tried to trap his queen but he saw not just this but everything I tried and eventually the extra piece told. A fine performance from the new ungraded Bath player.


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