A Team Gain Revenge Over B’s

Horfield B 1 v Horfield A 4

1.Paul Helbig (184) 0.5 Derek Pugh (200)

2. John Richards (162) 0-1 Steve Dilleigh (182)

3. Robert P Radford (150) 0-1 P.Kirby (177)

4.N.Pollett (138) 0-1 P.Nendick (170)

5. Tom Holmes (140) 0.5 Peter Marks (126)

On the first night of the new season the B team inflicted a heavy 1-4 defeat on the A’s in a 5 board match with the A team only having two of it’s squad available. This time the roles were reversed as the B teams had only 3 of it’s B.team squad available. With Patryk, Matias, and Rob were all missing. I am unable to reveal the games that were played as I am bound by the official secret act not to do so. Or in other words I don’t know . What happened in those games though is declassified . Paul secured a well earned draw with Derek and John moved up from board 4 to board two and was not able to match Steve superior play and eventually caved into enormous pressure put on him. I also had to move up from board 6 to board 3 and played Candidate Master Peter Kirby, in what became a tough fought game which eventually fell in Peter’s favour. Nigel and Tom were drafted in to bolster boards 4 and 5. Tom drew with Peter on Bd.5 and Nigel who was ‘oh so’ close to drawing but missed his chance and lost out in the endgame to Phil. We were heavily outgunned but the result did not reflect the true story of the match in that the Bs fought hard and did not go down without putting up a real fight. We were in the words of James Bond “Shaken, but not Stirred” yes, we were shaken by this painful defeat which was not good for us but not stirred away from our self belief to recover form this defeat.


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