2017 AGM Minutes

MINUTES OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Horfield and Redland Chess Club held at United Reformed Church, Whiteladies Road, at 7.30 on 23rd May 2017 Present were:

  • Alex Dunn (Chairman and Hon.Treasurer),
  • Christopher Jones (Hon.Secretary),
  • Jon Fisher,
  • Mike Harris,
  • Mike Jennings,
  • Peter Kirby,
  • Mike Levene,
  • Peter Marks,
  • Howard Millbank,
  • Nigel Pollett,
  • Derek Pugh,
  • John Richards,
  • Graham Strickland
  • Phil Nendick.

Apologies had been received from:

  • Steve Dilleigh,
  • Sanya Soyannwo
  • Kajetan Wandowicz.

1.MINUTES of the AGM on 3.5.16 These were approved nem con.

2.PRESENTATION OF ACCOUNTS The accounts for the last year, showing a satisfactory position (a surplus of £37 of income over expenditure), were accepted, as was the Treasurer’s recommendation that the subscriptions remain at their current level (£60, or for the unwaged £36).

3.REPORTS FROM TEAM CAPTAINS The D were able to play all their games, always raising full teams. In a strong 3rd Division they struggled at first but a run of wins around the turn of the year saw them finish third from bottom. Later in the season, Alex (captain) was rotating a squad of eight or so players. The C team started well in the 2nd Division and in midseason were close to the top two. As the season progressed, and some players became unavailable, they did somewhat less well, but still finished in a creditable fourth position. The B team did less well than in the previous season, finishing second from bottom in the 1st division. But in fact they had a similar number of game points as in that season (this time having many narrow defeats) and have preserved their 1st Division status. The A team were reasonably successful, finishing in a three-way tie for 2nd position despite losing key players in the course of the season. They were buoyed by excellent performances by (in the second half of the season) Aaron Guthrie and (throughout) Steve Dilleigh. The club’s teams in the Major and Minor Knock-out Cups both lost at the semi-final stage.

4.ELECTION OF OFFICERS FOR 2017-18; DISCUSSION OF PLANS AND ASPIRATIONS FOR 2017-18 Alex Dunn was re-elected as Chairman and Hon. Treasurer and Christopher Jones as Hon. Secretary. John Richards was able to hand on the role of Webmaster to Jon Fisher. A new post, Social Media and Marketing Officer, was created and filled by Mike Harris. (Jon and Mike would be planning a marketing initiative before the start of next season.) Derek Pugh was re-elected A team captain. John Richards agreed to take over as B team captain from Mike Harris. Nigel Pollett and Alex Dunn were re-elected as captains of respectively the C and D teams. Mike Harris remained captain of the Major Knock-out Cup team; Howard Millbank took over from Graham Strickland as captain of the Minor Knock-out Cup team. There followed a wide-ranging discussion of plans for the forthcoming season. Although there were of course many uncertainties it appeared at present that we had 23 players for the 24 places in the four teams. It was agreed that we would nevertheless continue with all four teams (and with the D team playing in the 3rd Division). It was to be hoped that the marketing initiative would bear fruit
and that there might be more players available by the beginning of the season. There was some discussion of our being overshadowed by Downend in recruiting players (e.g., ex-University players), and all club members were encouraged to look out for opportunities to recruit new members. In a discussion of our policy regarding player registrations for 2017-18 the need for a realistic approach was stressed, although within that approach it would be sensible to retain as much flexibility as possible. Players should be registered only if there was a reasonable expectation of their playing a significant number of games. This should be addressed more fully in August (about 12th August), when the position as regards player availability would be clearer and the deadline for player registrations would be nearly at hand. Also at that stage it would be possible to evaluate whether it would be possible to put together an A team with a realistic chance of winning the 1st Division and whether (especially if there wasn’t that realistic chance) it would be advisable to split the strength of the A and B teams. 5.OTHER BUSINESS The club championship had been shared by Mike Harris and Phil Nendick, and the minor section thereof by Jon Fisher. The Little Team Cup (won last year by Lee Abecasis) was shared by Alex Dunn and Tom Holmes. A number of motions passed at the recent League AGM would have an impact on league matches next season. The new time limit would be 80 minutes plus 10 second increments. (Clocks would be reset in readiness for the new season). If a mobile phone went off during a match the penalty for a first offence would be the addition of 2 minutes to the opponent’s clock and for a second offence the forfeiting of the game. It was the responsibility of team captains to ensure that all their players knew how to add two minutes to the clock time. It was now also a requirement that each club should have available a copy of the FIDE Rules – Alex Dunn would buy a copy of the new edition for this purpose. The meeting closed at about 9.00 p.m..