Horfield B Fixtures

The Horfield B fixture list for the 2018/19 season is:

B team
Tues 04-Sep-18 Horfield A (A)
Tues 11-Sep-18 Downend A (A)
Tues 09-Oct-18 Clevedon A (H)
Wed 17-Oct-18 Bath A (A)
Tues 23-Oct-18 Downend B (H)
Tues 06-Nov-18 Clifton A (A)
Tues 13-Nov-18 Horfield C (H)
Thurs 22-Nov-18 University A (A)
Tues 04-Dec-18 Clifton B (H)
Tues 08-Jan-19 Horfield A (H)
Mon 14-Jan-19 Clevedon A (A)
Tues 22-Jan-19 Horfield C (A)
Tues 05-Feb-19 University A (H)
Tues 19-Feb-19 Downend A (H)
Tues 05-Mar-19 Clifton A (H)
Tues 12-Mar-19 Downend B (A)
Tues 26-Mar-19 Clifton B (A)
Tues 09-Apr-19 Bath A (H)