Horfield C

Horfield C will compete in the 2nd division of the Bristol & District league this season.

If you want to talk to Horfield C then contact their Captain, Nigel Pollett, on 0775 8048 543.

Horfield C Results 2019/20




Nigel Pollett (capt.)(145): Nigel has been playing chess for Horfield for almost 20 years with a 4 year break whilst he was living in Australia. When he’s not playing chess he is either playing tennis, coaching his sons football team, walking the dog or selling coins on Ebay.


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Prakash Chatterjee (130)  Many stronger players do not like to play Prakash as he is better than his grade and often punches above his weight.


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Tom Holmes (140)  Tom continues to improve and has already made a good start to the season.



Roger Pearce(137) Roger is a long time Horfield player and always puts in a good performance.


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 Mike Levene (177) Mike is a part time player these days but a very important one.



Peter Marks(126) Peter, is showing steady improvement as a player and  finds playing stiffer opposition a benefit. 

“The blunders are all there on the board, waiting to be made”