Little Team Cup

The little team cup is awarded each season to a member of the D team who scores the most points in games against other members of that team. They then hold the trophy for one year. The current holder is Tom Holmes.

How the Cup competition works

  • All members of the D team squad are automatically entered in the competition Games are played under the league rules for chess games.
  • Players may only play other competitors twice once with black and once with white.
  • Matches are scored 1 point for playing in addition to 1 point for a win and ½ point for a draw.
  • The winner is the person scoring the most points.
  • Games may only be played at club nights at Horfield Chess Club.
  • Any issues will be referred to the Captain of the D team for resolution.
  • Unless the Captain is involved in the dispute in which case the Club Secretary will resolve the issue.
  • All games played under league rules will be submitted to the league to be graded.
  • Beginners are eligible to play matches that consist of three quickplay games against competitors.
  • They can play up two matches against other competitors and will receive two rooks as odds.

Results and table may be found here:

Horfield Little Team Cup Results and Table