Fixtures 2021-22 season

The Bristol & District League has published the Division 1 fixtures through to Christmas. We have one team in Division 1 and our matches are as below. 

Tues 21-Sep           Downend A           Home
Mon 04-Oct           Clevedon A           Away
Thurs 14-Oct         University A          Away
Tues 19-Oct           Clifton A                 Home
Wed 03-Nov         Downend B            Away
Tues 16-Nov          Grendel                   Away
Tues 30-Nov         Bath A                      Home

We have two teams in Division 2. For Division 2 fixtures are being organised using the Swiss system meaning the fixtures are determined after the completion of the previous round of matches. The current schedule has rounds of matches being played once every fortnight. The fixtures are published on

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