Title dream fades as the B’s lose derby match in injury time (30/01/18)


Unfortunately there was no pretty checkmate on board 6 after 26. Ne8 but the upcoming loss of multiple pawns meant a gentlemanly resignation from Black

First vs third – who’d have thought it? With the added incentive of going second with a win, the B’s were up for a fight. On paper, we didn’t stand a chance, but we don’t worry about that.

There have been some upsets in A v B fixtures in the last couple of weeks, with Clifton B beating Clifton A comprehensively, and Downend A and B slugging out a draw, but it could be argued that the sides were not at full strength. No such excuses here, with both teams fielding their usual lineups.

Peter and Aaron was the first to finish – Peter gathering a useful half with the black pieces. Jon was next, dispatching Harvey. Jon was very pleased with his game, but I didn’t see it (for reasons I will get to) so I will leave it to him to describe (editors note – Classic Larsen’s Opening…). The B’s were in the lead! 1.5-0.5.

Mike and Steve had one of those complex blocked positions that Steve seems to play so well, but Mike was plugging away. Chris had a rook for a piece and pawn – definite chances there. Brent had got his king stuck in the middle, but was otherwise looking okay – making light of the 45 grading point difference.

If the captain did his duty, then all would be well. Oh dear! Caught in a sharp line of the Grunfeld, I managed to invent a way out that involved sacrificing large amounts of material in an attempt to prise open Phil’s king. Although I thought I might have missed something – post-game analysis showed it was all a load of hooey, and once Phil came off the back foot, it was curtains. Chris and Alex had shaken hands, meanwhile. 2-2.

Board two was looking even more like a Steve type position, so I was very happy when a draw was agreed, leaving it all down to Brent and Derek. Derek looked to be doing well, controlling the open d file, and with an awkward knight infiltrating the king-side. But Brent was defending smartly and throwing in some of his own threats. It looked like the clock might end up being the decisive factor, as both players entered their last four minutes. Then, disaster struck! Brent fell to a one move mate, and we had lost – just.

It was a shame that all Brent’s hard work came to naught, but he did run a 190s player very close. And if I had played better, then we could well have won this match. The A’s will be pleased (and, I think, relieved) to get their two points.

(1) Peter Kirby 0.5 – 0.5 Aaron Guthrie

(2) Mike Harris 0.5 – 0.5 Steve Dilleigh

(3) Chris Jones 0.5 – 0.5 Alex Easton

(4) Brent Perrin 0 – 1 Derek Pugh

(5) John Richards 0 – 1 Phil Nendick

(6) Jon Fisher 1 – 0 Harvey Atkinson

Play through game


NB: Horfield B were black on boards 1, 3 and 5


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