Dispiriting night at the Cross Hands

Dave Tipper (144)10Mike Levene (169)
Aron Saunders (153)10Nigel Pollett (143)
Simon Williams (150?)10Tom Homes (142)
Jack Tye (144)10Pete Marks (131)
James Hennefield (141)0.50.5Mike Jennings (104)
Elmira Walker (116)10Kana Balasubramaniam (73)
Downend C5.50.5Horfield C

I didn’t expect the thumping we got and I don’t think the play on the boards felt like 5.5-0.5 but that is what the scorecard says and in all the games when it came to key moments we came up short.

Mike got in a complete tangle and Dave was able to harass his exposed king winning material and the game. Aron beat Nigel in a complicated slow-moving position which wasn’t awful for Nigel until it was. Tom went into a rook and pawn end game a pawn up and lost it to better technique. I missed an early chance to win the exchange, then took a series of wrong moves in a drawn position to turn it into a lost one. Elmira showed more understanding of the position that Kana and won easily. The bright spot (in as much as drizzle is better than rain) was Mike comfortably holding James.

Ah well.


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