Horfield C lose ground to Grendal (27/03/18)

(editors note – Apologies this is a late match report that I missed in my inbox so it is out of order with the others)

With Clevedon ‘B’ beating South Bristol ‘B’ on Monday night, division 2 was turning into a very close 3 horse race. Horfield ‘C’ needed at least a draw to remain in contention having now dropped into third place. With Mike unavailable, Brent and Alan were brought in to strengthen the squad going into a match against an unpredictable Grendel team. With Roger Hardy having to step in just before 8pm after one of their players didn’t turn up it looked like things were already going in Horfield’s favour. Matias soon got the home side off to a good start with a win.

However, by 9:30 the remaining games were all unclear and it looked like the match could swing either way. Brent’s King was exposed and he was also having to defend against a strong queen side attack. Eventually he could defend no more and the game was lost. Alan, had been under quite a bit of pressure following a mistake at the start, but he evened up and a draw was agreed.

Tom had a slight advantage going into the end game and was well up on his clock following Roger’s 30 minute late start. With a couple of passed pawns, he was able to advance to a position where Roger had no choice but to resign.

At 2.5-1.5 up is was looking like Horfield should get at least a draw. However, Bob had gone a knight down and was unable to hold on. It was down to Rob who had been defending for the previous hour against a strong central attack. He had exchanged his queen for both rooks and both players had less than 2 minute son the clock. However, it proved to be the more manoeuvrable queen that won the day and with a second queen about to appear on the board, Rob had no choice but to resign and the match was Grendel’s.

Horfield ‘C’ are still in the running but are now reliant on Clevedon ‘B’ slipping up in their final three matches.

(1) Rob Attar 0 – 1 Alastair Gilbert

(2) Matias Perez 1 – 0 Richard Johnson

(3) Brent Perrin 0 – 1 Mark Furneval

(4) Bob Radford 0 – 1 Patrick Flexman

(5) Alan Clarke 0.5 – 0.5 Ben Radford

(6) Thomas Holmes 1 – 0 Roger Hardy


NB: Horfield were black on boards 1, 3 and 5


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