Half a point off a whitewash by a strengthened Clifton B

Horfield C 0.5 – Clifton B 5.5

P Krzyzanowski 0 – 1 C Beaumont

R Attar 0 – 1 A Muir

R Radford 0 – 1 M Sierra Jimenez

N Pollett 0.5 – 0.5  A Muller

P Chatterjee 0 – 1 M Dirnhuber

L Martin 0 – 1 P Bradshaw

After beating Clifton B 6-0 in the first match of the season there was some hope going into this match for a few more points. However, things have changed since that fixture. Clifton’s side has become much stronger and Horfield C are struggling to put out a full strength team pushing everyone up the board order. Patryk was delayed and was 25 minutes down on his clock which didn’t help going into a match against Chris Beaumont. It didn’t take long for Chris to finish him off. By this time everyone else was struggling and one by one each game was lost leaving just Nigel to try and at least prevent the reverse white wash. After an early knight sacrifice by Anton opened up Nigel’s King to numerous attacks and then he defend a joined past pawn advance to the seventh rank, he finally went into the end game with a slight advantage on the board and a big advantage on the clock. However, it was not enough and as the final pawns were swapped off, a draw way agreed. At least we avoided the 6-0 defeat, but it is now almost certain that it will be back to division 2 chess for the ‘C’ team next season.


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