Downend ‘D’ v Horfield ‘C

T. Kan 1-0 R.P. Radford. Tye 0.5-0.5 N. PollettD. Woodcock 0-1 P. Chatterjee G. Daly 0.5-0.5 P. Marks E. Walker 1-0 P. Zielinksi J. Paines 0.5-0.5 M. Jennings
Prakash got the team off to a good start when his opponent messed up his opening which Prakash capitalised upon. Peter and Mikes games were both solid but with very little happening in either, draws were quickly agreed. Nigel had a complete nightmare getting into a position where he looked dead and buried.  However, he kept fighting and despite being a piece down he attacked with a knight and queen and eventually drew the game. On further analysis he should have continued as his position was winning, but with only two minutes on the clock and the remaining games looking even a draw was agreed. Unfortunately, both of the remaining games did not go Horfields way. Piotr let an even position with mainly pawns remaining slip into a defeat. Bob forked a rook and queen with his knight but missed the fact that the queen could check his king and win a rook. This left Bob a piece down and despite his best efforts was not able to avoid the defeat. Downend ‘D’ won 3.5-2.5


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