Match Report: Horfield B vs Keynsham A (13 October); starting with a win

A late start to the league season for the B team who played their first fixture at Keynsham. On board one Phil and John K played a wild game in which white was very pleased to accept the draw offer from black. On two John R, still easing his way back into chess, moved a rook from attack from one of George’s bishops into the path of the other then a few moves later allowed his king and queen to be forked by the same bishop. Oy vey. Elsewhere Judd won from an even position by better activating his king and creating a passed outside pawn, Nigel beat Chris on time and I know nothing about Rob and James’s victories.

We were stronger all the way down the board order and did what was expected of us. Well done team, University next up.

1John Kilmister (1760).5Phil Nendick (1993).5
2George Miller (1908)1John Richards (1950)0
3Duncan McArthur (1684)0Rob Attar (1885)1
4Matt Woods (1652)0Judd Chidwick (1860)1
5Chris Hayden (1198)0Nigel Pollett (1789)1
6Robert McIntyre (UNG)0James Facey (1700)1
 Keynsham A1.5Horfield B4.5

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