Match Reports: Horfield A vs University A and Horfield C vs Bath B (4 September)

Two home matches and a tough night.

The A team hosted the defending league champions and came off worse against a strong team performance from the students. Callum and Matias lost on the top two boards and Steve and Andy finished on the wrong side of games that, with a different wind,  might have been draws on three and four. Derek won a wild game against Daniel. Black was well ahead until an inaccuracy allowed white a queen sacrifice. This led to Daniel having a choice between a small disadvantage in position (although a large disadvantage on the clock) and an attempt to go on a king-hunt for mate or a perpetual; he boldly chose the latter which dragged Derek’s king all the way up the board to h1. However there wasn’t a mate or a perpetual and with accurate moves from black white had to resign. On six Phil won without fuss against Jonas.

1Callum Brewer (2252)0James Clarke (1985)1
2Matias Candelario (2157)0Zachary Lee (UNG)1
3Derek Pugh (2130)1Daniel Savidge (2138)0
4Steve Dilleigh (2089)0Tom Shepherd (2066)1
5Andy Hill (2021)0Fergus Skillen (2034)1
6Phil Nendick (1990)1Jonas Zurba (1664)0
 Horfield A2University A4

The C team finished with the same match score as the A team against a Bath team who played solidly from boards 1-6. Loses first; Piotr had a strong advantage in the middle game but couldn’t find a way through and then low on time with the advantage eroded fell to a back-rank mate. Remi got into trouble from the outset in an unfamiliar opening, maybe had a chance to equalise but it wasn’t clear, and the lose of a rook sealed the point for Rob. Joaquim on six came off the wrong side of a relatively close game. Draws; Scott accepted a draw offer after being under the pump. The end position was unclear but he had probably enough not to lose having finally got his rook active and Paul’s rook less well placed. Mike had been up against it for most of the game but in an open endgame with queen and knights he got his queen more active and won back pawns to even up material and the game was drawn once queens came off the board. Finally I gave away a small advantage and very comfortable position on board one against Oli but made it difficult enough for him to find a winning plan resulting him in burning time. My opportunity to harass his open king with knight and queen lead to Oli having to think too long about escape squares and his flag fell. Not particularly glorious but ca sera sera.

1Peter Marks (1694)1Oliver Thornley (1780)0
2Piotr Zielinski (1623)0Mauro Farina (1606)1
3Remi Questiaux (1688)0Rob Draper (1554)1
4Mike Jennings (1542).5Andreas Stalidis (1553).5
5Scott White (1554).5Paul Osbourne (1533).5
6Joaquim Luque (1779)0Paul Zanelli (1232)1
 Horfield C2Bath B4

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