Comfortable win for D’s vs Keynsham

Keynsham 1 – Horfield D 5

Duncan Macarthur (136)               0-1          Tom Holmes (129)

Ben Woodcock (109)                      1-0          Louis Martin (126)

Will Taplin (103)                                0-1          James Facey (136)

James Sutton (69)                            0-1          Pete Marks (117)

David Woodruff (80)                       0-1          Prakash Chatterjee (135)

Chris Hayden (68)                            0-1          Alex Dunn (102)

We significantly outgraded Keynsham. This has been the case a few times and we have under-delivered but in this match we won well.

Alex and Prakash were simply too good for their opponents and won their games very comfortably, almost apologetically. Louis however had a difficult night and lost his. James restored the two point gap by easing passed Will by going a pawn up on either side of the board then exchanging down into a completely won end game.

3-1 with two to go but I was making an absolute mess against James’ English and Tom was in quite a battle with Duncan. As it hapened we won both. Tom using his central space advantage to reduce Duncan to passivity and win out in what was another impressive performance from him this season. Finally after reflecting on whether I know anything about chess at all beyond the knight is the horse-looking one I won out against James in 67 moves.

5-1. That will do.


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